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Childminder Harrogate Services At childminder Harrogate Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which children can develop and learn and most importantly have lots of fun. To enable children as settled as possible childminder Harrogate have set policies and procedures in place and we make sure to work alongside parents and carers as well as schools and other childcare provider.To plan for and build on each childs individual needs we provide learning Journey for each child with regular observations, lots of photos, artwork and next steps planning, all following the requirements. Each individual child is treated with respect. We believe in enabling children to discover, explore, and experiment in their surrounding in their natural curiosity. We offer wide range of toys and activities for all age ranges. We have lots of outdoor resources to enable children to have a balance of indoor and outdoor environment.

We believe outdoor environment is good for some children to learn. Having fun & Learning through play is the foundation of any child development curve so we provide lots of indoor and outdoor toys. We at childminder Harrogate provide healthy meal for children and entertain kids own vegetable garden, to prepare food for them to eat. Childrens involvement in preparation of food not only helps them to develop their language but also improves their knowledge on vegetables and encourages them to grow their own vegetables and experiment new food.


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